PE, PP, HDPE Flat Bags

Flat Bags

Mai Phuong has long been the leading provider of affordable bags, along with poly packaging that is perfect for nearly any purpose. One of our most popular product categories is high clarity poly bags because these bags offer protective packaging options that fit a variety of products, all made with either high clarity PP, LDPE, or HDPE materials.

These flexible bags are designed to fit a variety of items – from candies to hardware to beads and more. They come in multiple sizes as well, big enough to wrap nearly any item. Each bag is made with our high-quality material that allows the colors of your products to shine.

These poly bags are great for:

  • Confectioners
  • Bulk Packaging (eg, Nails, Screws, Marbles)
  • Gift Bags and More
  • Customize Poly flat bags

With over 1000 sizes available, extremely high clarity, and various thicknesses to prevent ripping and tearing, these bags are simply a great choice for businesses that need to wrap hundreds of items in reliable bags at an affordable price. Find your size in our inventory today or call us to see if we have other bags that may suit your needs.

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