HDPE/LDPE Disposable Glove

High quality HDPE/LDPE Disposable PE Glove

Mai Phuong HDPE & LDPE gloves are designed for light-duty tasks and work environments that require changing gloves often. They are commonly used for food preparation and handling because they are economical, waterproof, and protect from hygiene purposes while their loose fit makes them easy to change when a fresh pair is required. The surface of the glove is embossed for an improved grip when the gloves are either wet or dry. The poly gloves are also latex-free so that anyone with a latex allergy can work safely. Our poly gloves are available in either 100 or 500 count packaging, making it convenient to store at the work station or packs as per customer’s request.

Color : Clear, Blue

Size : XS/S/M/L/XL  

Weight : 0.6g to 2.2g

Length : 265-380mm

Function : Disposable Single use, medical or widely used in food service,restaurants

Packing : 100pcs/box,10boxes/ctn,OEM

MOQ :400 cartons

Certificate : CE,ISO, SGS, etc.

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