Introduction Letter

Dear our valued and prospective customers, business partners and stakeholders!

Incorporated in 2004, Mai Phuong Company Limited is a dynamic and proactive company which specializes in plastic products and accounts for a good market share in the Northern provinces of Vietnam. We have always striven to earn creditability from our customers, business partners, creditors and stakeholders. After more than 12 years of continuous improvement, we have become one of the biggest and most trusted packaging manufacturers in the North of Vietnam

Focusing on quality and sustainable development, we have always been investing on technologies and innovations to not only increase our efficiencies to meet international standards but also gradually decrease the environmental impact. Quality control and human resource management are our critical investments as our business is based on quality and creditability

We deeply appreciate all the customers, partners, creditors and stakeholders in our journey, and we look forward to developing our business furthermore

Best regards!

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