PE DieCut Bags

Die-cut bag (Kidney handle bag, Punch out handle bag with cut off handle) looks like an oval, kidney, or circle. It differs from the patch handle bag in the lack of patch around the cut but the tear strength of the handle really holds up.
Great die-cut poly bags for small retail stores, convenience shops. Excellent choice as party favor bags. This bag is also a very good advertising material.
The die-cut bag has 2 kinds:
  • Die-cut bag with cut off handle.
  • Fold top die-cut bag: the bag with cut off handle & top fold. It will make the handle stronger.


+ Thickness:

HDPE 8-40 mic

LDPE 15-100 mic

MDPE 16-35 mic

Recycled LDPE 20-95 mic

Width: 250-500 mm

Length: 300-800 mm

Printed color: 1-4

* Dimensions and thickness for reference only. Please contact our Support Team for more details.”

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